So that stressors of everyday life do not cause illness wihin us ...

So that we are up to the challenges of life ...

So that we can call on our abilities, talents and our creativity and fully develop them ...

So that we can enjoy our lives more deeply ...

Relaxation techniques are becoming increasingly important in our modern times. Relaxed people are more creative, can make better use of their resources, are less susceptible to stress, and can learn faster and more efficiently. There are countless studies that prove the effectiveness of relaxation techniques for test anxiety, chronic illnesses (and pain), psychosomatic issues, relationships and the work environment.

Everyone should at least once in his/her life find out how to relax.

Everyone should learn how to prompt the relaxation response in his/her own body.

Standard Techniques, that I offer, are amongst others:

  • Autogenic Training

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • Meditation

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Facts about the Relaxation Response

Darüber hinaus:

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Mindfulness (Thoughts and Feelings)

  • Mindful Movement

  • Imaginary Journeys

  • Anchoring Technique

  • Relaxation via Sensory Stimulation

  • Stopping of repeating thought patterns



Private Sessions for Adults and Children

Not everyone is able to effectively learn relaxation techniques in a  group setting.

For most people it is rather quite a challenge to feel comfortable and safe enough to be able to really relax among a group of strangers.

If this is true for you, you may be interested in my one-on-one session, which offer you the opportunity to acquire relaxation techniques on an individual basis. This allows us to move forward according to your own pace and needs.

In addition, this form of learning offers the opportunity


  • to mix methods

  • to customize certain techniques to your own needs

  • to address individually occurring blockages or sensations

  • to respond to specific life events

  • to work towards your individual goals; for example
    less test anxiety, less social anxiety, preparation for birth, more relaxed parenting, less stress when faced with challenges at work etc.


Make an appointment for yourself or your child!

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Relaxation Courses for Kids

For school children I offer relaxation classes in group settings. Nevertheless, I remain true to my principles and do not overbook my courses. Achieving relaxation is much easier in a smaller group, than with a group of 15 children. Therefore, small group experiences are also much more effective for children.



and Breathing Techniques


We have the best learning experiences, when we feel relaxed and good in our bodies. Numerous studies confirm that stress impairs learning and memory*. In this course, children learn in a playful way how their own body relaxes and how they can use this for everyday (school) life. (5 x 60 minutes)

(Please note: this course is just a  crash course introduction to the topic. Practicing these techniques for at least 10 hours is necessary for children to  be able to be fully self.-guided in initiating the relaxation response. At home practice not included.)

*Arnsten, A. F. T. (2009). Stress signalling pathways that impair prefrontal cortex structure and function. Nature Reviews. Neuroscience, 10(6), 410–422.

Advanced relaxation and concentration techniques for effective everyday use. So your child does not develop learning blocks or disabilites through stress.

In addition: Stress prevention: So that stress does not arise as much. (10 x 60 minutes)


Smart Kids
are relaxed


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