... is the skill we need and use all our lives to help us understand the world, develop our talents, shape our lives, and evolve in a variety of areas. Learning is a constant companion in our lives and we are always dependent upon our ability to learn.

  • Learning to learn

  • Relaxation and Focusing Techniques

  • Learning Type Identification

  • Coaching for Learning

  • Concentration Training

  • Help with ADHD

  • Prevention of Learning Disabilities

  • Lack of Motivation

  • Help with Blocks in Learning and Concentration

  • Prevention of und and Help with poor reading and/or mathematical skills

  • Dissolution of Learning Blocks

  • Help with Test and School or Social Anxiety

  • Private English Lessons

  • Help for HSP (High sensitivity)

  • Psycho-Somatic Issues

Therefore, it is so important for each of us to know the biological and psychological foundations of learning in order to use our resources and our time as efficiently as possible. Everyone should explore the best way for them to learn and optimize their learning process, no matter how old he or she is. For children, who are not yet able to reflect on their learning process, it is important to have a competent (study) coach at their side, that can perform this task for them, while also offering a wide range of learning techniques that can enhance and expediate the learing process.



My offers include :


For Adults:

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Learning Type Identification

  • Optimization of Learning Techniques

  • Help with Test Anxiety

  • Study Coaching (also for University Students)

  • Help for Highly Sensitive Persons

  • Help with blocks in the understanding of statistics

  • Help with BA or MA Thesis
    (planning, analysis, phrasing, presentation and interpretation of results)

  • German Lessons


In all my services, I practice a holistic strategy, integrating body, mind, thoughts and emotions into my work. Furthermore, I mix standard methods derived from Learning and Development Research with relaxation techniques and an empathetic stance, that focuses on the individual's needs.













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