Garden in Erlangen

If the weather permits we can use the garden during your Relax Lunch Break. Yoga Matts will be provided.

The garden features three old growth fruit trees, a grapevine and is blocked from curious eyes on three sides. A screen offers further protection.

Coming Soon: Relax in a hammok between old growth fruit trees.

Please note: The garden is borderd by the noise protection wall, next to the A73. This means you will hear a constant stream of cars. Some people react to it like white noise and tune it out, some people don't like it. Please take this information into consideration before booking.

Noise protection windows prevent any noise from coming inside, thus the room is quiet.

This ultimately led me to study economics, on the one hand, and pedagogy on the other, which included sociology, psychology and philosophy. As a major I chose early childhood education in pedagogy and human resource management in business administration. I successfully completed both 4-Year University Degree Programs and after working a short time in university research decided to leave the field due to its narrow confines.

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