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"... a quality of human consciousness, a certain form of awareness, a clear state of mind that allows us to observe and allow each inner and outer experience in the present moment without prejudice. With increasing mindfulness, habitual automatic responses and unconscious reactions to the present experience are reduced..."



Mindful parenting

In order to reduce stress in education it is worthwhile to apply the techniques of mindfulness to it. In mindfulness, we learn to detach ourselves from identification with roles, thoughts, evaluations and judgments so that we are not "washed away" by them.

We learn to perceive our own feelings and thoughts without judgment and gain more compassion for our own experience.

This allows one to view the experience of another in a similar way. The removal of strong judgments (by onself or others) from communication has a relaxing effect on the parent-child relationship (see Lippold et al 2016, Turpyn / Chaplin 2016).

I can assist you in learning these techniques and use them for parenting.

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Language Acquisition

Language is our gateway to the world. In formal education language becomes the main medium of learning. That is why it is so important that language acquisition happens as smothly and successfully as possible. To support the language development in their children, parents and caregivers can use some simple tools, that are easy to learn and implement or even occur completely naturally.

For example, did you know, that the Baby Talk most of us use, when we talk to babies (i.e. high pitched voice) falls exactly within the Hertz frequency range, that an infant can hear particularly well? Did you know that overpronouncing the speech melody, which many parents also do intuitively, helps children to better seperate and decode single elements in the flow of speech? Beyond these phenomena, there are also certain things that you can actively do to help your child with language acquisition.


For Example:
















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  • shared attention     

  • deictic acts

  • Supporting language (Scaffolding)     

  • Teaching language (recasts, expansions)     

  • Questions (for the correct use of modal verbs)     

  • Avoiding too many imperatives     

  • Dialogic Reading

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