Every human carries something valuable within them, the expression of which makes the world a little richer.

It is important to discover this inner value and develop it without too much distraction from the outside world and too much adaptation to what others do or don't do.

Supporting this process is the foundation and guiding theme of my work.


Back to my inner voice

The increasing number and intensity of stimuli we face today make it hard for us to stay centered and truly align our lives with our own uniqueness and desires. The constant pull of the outward world to look over here or over there, the fight for our attention is as prevalent as ever. However, a fulfilling life can only be achieved by not loosing sight of one's own truth and true desires. Which wishes and desires or even needs are "suggested" by society or what others are doing? And which ones are really coming from within? Which life goals may look good in a resume, catalog, or Instagram feed, but are just not right for me? What are the things I want to do, just because I believe that others expect them from me ...

and ... what is it, that really motivates and fulfills me?

Often we can start small and then work our way up to the bigger issues. Mindfulness, testing of belief systems, enjoyment training, and the calming of the flow of thought are helpful techniques to become more aware of your own true inner voice.

If goals are then set on the basis of this work, life can be better aligned to one's own wishes.

This can affect



Living Environment,


Professional Environment


In this process of finding and keeping your eyes on your inner compass I serve as your companion, guide and support system.

Sometimes we need a neutral observer that can reflect our inner beauty, so we dare to look within ourselves ...

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