Formal Qualifications

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  • Diplom-Pädagogin (Univ.) (University Degree)

    • major in Early Childhood Education

  • 3 years experience in Educational Research

  • Diplom-Kauffrau (FH) (University Degree)

  • Foreign Language Correspondent for English and Spanish (IFA)

  • Certified Stressmanagement Trainer (AHAB)

  • Certified Relaxation Trainer for Children (AHAB)

  • Certified Teacher of Autogenic Training (Arbeitskreis für Entspannung e.v.)

  • Certified Teacher of Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Fitmedi)

  • 1-Year -Pogram in Integrative Learning Therapy (IFLW)

Further Training in Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques, Aroma Therapy, Language Acquisition in Early Childhood, mindfulness in parenting

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about me

Learning has always been a big part of my life. I have always been enthusiastic about languages ​​and therefore completed a training as a Foreign Language Correspondent for English and Spanish. In addition, I have always been in search of the factors that determine humanity's way of being - individually and in community - our process of learning and development.

This ultimately led me to study economics, on the one hand, and pedagogy on the other, which included sociology, psychology and philosophy. As a major I chose early childhood education in pedagogy and human resource management in business administration. I successfully completed both 4-Year University Degree Programs including 3 years of experience in educational research.

I soon realized that societiy's increasingly stronger and and ever-earlier focus on the development of mental skills in childhood as well as the excessive amount of standardized learning has a high cost for the individual and the community - if balance is not found between emotional and mental education.

This led me to explore relaxation and stress management practices, yoga, and dealing with self-concept and belief systems. Through my pedagogical training, I was already familiar with the effectiveness of the Rosenthal effect and knew how important one's own and a child's belief systems are for success and development. Today, this knowledge informs my actions across all areas. Another important focus is that all people are individually unique and have to find their own individual path, be it in learning, in stress management, or in general potential development.

Methods can most certainly help, but must be adapted to the needs of the individual to be most effective.

Dipl.-Päd./Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH)

Eva-Maria Metze

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