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Key Skills for Life


What do I mean by Key Skills for Life? To me Key Skills for Life are those skills that we all need as a basis for a good, healthy and fulfilling life. Skills to deal with the demands and difficulties of this world with more ease and comfort and, above all, to not lose sight of one's own goals and desires, while doing so. These skills include proper, conscious and efficient learning techniques, formal and informal methods of intentional relaxation for everyday life and challenging situations, as well as stress management and mindfulness for a more sustainable, healthier and happier lifestyle. In order to achieve this, it is helpful to get to know and examine one's own thoughts, feelings, belief systems, learning processes, stressors, motivators, goals and desires as well as the physical manifestions of stress and relaxation in the body. When applied, these methods can help transform our life and learning experiences into a more conscious, purposeful and fulfilling experience.

Essentially getting to know your own body and your own mind, as they are part of the fundamental equipment you have for your life  journey!

These skills are not taught in school and yet they are so very important for successfully developing our potential on the stage of life. Stretching from the basics of learning, to stress management strategies, to designing your life based on your own original needs and desires, my services are catered to helping you develop your own key skills to make your life fit your own individual and unique goals.

You can also help your children lay the foundations for easier and more successfull and stress-free learning experiences as well as a more healthy and stress-free lifestyle in general. Giving them the tools to deal with stress, whether it arises in school (i.e. during exams) or elsewhere.


Explore my services for children and adults.

Dipl.-Päd. (Univ.)

Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH)

Eva-Maria Metze


Stress Management Trainer

Trainer in Relaxation Techniques (e.g. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training)

Relaxation Trainer for Children

Integrative Learning Coach

Foreign Language Correspondent (English/Spanish)

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... is the skill we need and use all our lives to help us understand the world, develop our talents, shape our lives, and evolve in a variety of areas. Learning is a constant companion in our lives and we are always dependent upon our ability to learn.

Therefore, it is so important for each of us to know the biological and psychological foundations of learning in order to use our resources and our time as efficiently as possible. Everyone should explore the best way for them to learn and optimize their learning process, no matter how old he or she is. For children who are not yet able to reflect on their learning process, it is important to have a competent coach at their side, that can perform this task for them while also offering a wide range of learning techniques that can enhance and expediate the learning process.


My offers include :

"Learning to learn"; Relaxation and Focussing Techniques; Learning Type Identification; Concentration Training; Help with ADHD; Prevention of Learning Disabilities; Help with Learning, Concentration, Reading and Writing and Dyscalculia; Dissolution of Learning Blocks; Help for Test and Social Anxiety;

Private German Lessons


So that stressors of everyday life do not cause illness wihin us ...

So that we are up to the challenges of life ...

So that we can call on our abilities, talents and our creativity and fully develop them ...

So that we can enjoy our lives more deeply ...



Not everyone is able to effectively learn relaxation techniques in a  group setting.

For most people it is rather quite a challenge to feel comfortable and safe enough to be able to really relax among a group of strangers.

If this is true for you, you may be interested in my one-on-one session, which offer you the opportunity to acquire relaxation techniques on an individual basis. This allows us to move forward according to your own pace and needs.

In addition, this form of learning offers the opportunity


  • to mix methods

  • to customize certain techniques to your own needs

  • to address individually occurring blockages or sensations

  • to respond to specific life events

  • to work towards your individual goals




So we can detect stressors in our lives ...

So we can reduce stress and recharge batteries efficiently ...

To be more caring and considerate towards ourselves and our own resources ...

So we have energy for what we really want to do ...

So that mind, body and feelings work together in more harmony ...

By mobilizing it in an emergency situation, the stress response of our body shows us how much energy is actually stored within and available to our system.

As helpful as this stress response may be in life-threatening situations, as annoying and unpleasant it can be, when experienced before or during an exam, a performance, a speech or other triggering situations. If it occurs too often, without the necessary regeneration phases in between, the body can possibly suffer serious damage.

At the very least, our system's energy is spent on stress responses, and is then no longer available to us for other tasks and situations.

Often it is the thought structures and belief systems, that underlie these stress responses, that are the actual trigger to our discomfort - infinitely more so, if they are unhelpful, unkind and or not based in reality.

Sometimes we may also unnecessarily expose ourselves to stressors, because we are simply unaware of them. The outward orientation of our focus, that most people are experiencing during every day life, makes it harder to even be aware of how often the body actually experiences stress or to catch thoughts before they spin out of control.

My stress management training, which I only offer in the form of private one-on-one sessons,

allows us to:

Identify your Individual Stressors

Analyze the Stress Response of your Body and Possible Pre-Existing Symptoms

Uncover and Examine Triggering Thought and Feeling Processes

Practice Relaxation Techniques at your Speed

Change Unwanted Patterns of Behavior and Thought

Train your Ability to Experience Pleasure and Enjoyment

Develop Strategies to Reduce your Stressors


This setting allows us to not stay at the surface, but to directly address specific issues, that my impede your progress. As a result, quicker and deeper effects of the training can be achieved.


Every human carries something valuable within them, the expression of which makes the world a little richer.

It is important to discover this inner value and develop it without too much distraction from the outside world and too much adaptation to what others do or don't do.

Supporting this process is the foundation and guiding theme of my work.








Back to my inner voice

The increasing number and intensity of stimuli we face today make it hard for us to stay centered and truly align our lives with our own uniqueness and desires. The constant pull of the outward world to look over here or over there, the fight for our attention is as prevalent as ever. However, a fulfilling life can only be achieved by not loosing sight of one's own truth and true desires. Which wishes and desires or even needs are "suggested" by society or what others are doing? And which ones are really coming from within? Which life goals may look good in a resume, catalog, or Instagram feed, but are just not right for me? What are the things I want to do, just because I believe that others expect them from me ...

and ... what it is, that really motivates and fulfills me?

Often we can start small and then work our way up to the bigger issues. Mindfulness, testing of belief systems, enjoyment training, and the calming of the flow of thought are helpful techniques to become more aware of your own true inner voice.

If goals are then set on the basis of this work, life can be better aligned to one's own wishes. I call this life design. This can affect



Living Environment,


Professional Environment


In this process of finding and keeping your eyes on your inner compass I serve as your companion, guide and support system.

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